AIAU: LUs at Your Fingertips

Our industry changes every day. New ideas, technology, materials, business opportunities, and more are constantly emerging. AIAU makes it easy to keep up—offering learning units (LUs) on the topics you need to stay current, the tactics and trending issues that affect your practice, and the ideas you crave for inspiration.

AIAU features rigorously-curated content for architects, designers, builders, and others working in our diverse and evolving field. These online courses supplement events in your community, giving you learning you can access any time of day, from any place in the world with an Internet connection.

AIAU is:


Browse our dynamic course catalog, where leading experts take you inside of today’s—and tomorrow’s—trending topics and business opportunities.


Discover lessons you can put to work immediately in your practice. Whether you’re solo, heading a firm, working toward licensure, or at some point in between, AIAU courses target your professional success.


Learn on your own time from anywhere in the world. Start a course now, and come back later to finish. Plus, you always have quick access to your course history:  What you’ve purchased, what you’ve completed, and more. Once you finish a course, we’ll automatically update your AIA member transcript with LUs in CES Discovery.

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