AIA Gold Award 2021 Recipient Edward Mazria: A Lifetime Commitment to Designing Climate Solutions


Throughout his career, Edward Mazria, FAIA, has designed with a central idea in mind: beautiful, functional architecture can be a positive influence on the environment. From his seminal work on passive solar energy to his groundbreaking story “Architects Pollute,” Mazria has had a profound effect on the architecture industry’s response to climate change.

In this session, Mazria shares his personal influences, the numerous design solutions he’s developed to fight climate change, and how his work with Architecture 2030 helped him earn the Gold Award: AIA’s highest annual honor.

Learning objectives

  • Gain perspective from Mazria’s unique approach of looking at the climate change crisis through the lens of architectural design.
  • Learn about Mazria’s design influences for projects like the Rio Grande Conservatory, Stockebrand Residence, and Sol y Sombra (Georgia O’Keefe Estate).  
  • See how Mazria was able to detect architecture’s outsized impact on climate change, reframe the climate problem as a design problem—and how he was able to help architecture set a new course toward sustainability in the 21st century. 
  • Explore Mazria’s ideas and insights behind forming Architecture 2030 and the mission to help architecture reach zero carbon emissions by 2030.
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