3D Printing Concrete Forms: The Future is Now

Increase construction efficiency and quality with 3D printing.


3D printing has evolved into an innovative tool for increasing construction efficiency and quality. For an industry like construction, one that's notably hesitant to adopt new technology, its widespread use and success are all the more remarkable. In this course, you’ll discover real-world applications of 3D printing, such as the high-profile Domino Sugar renovation in Brooklyn, and learn how its versatile, durable solutions provide a greater ROI while maximizing the quality of your projects.

Learning objectives

  • Discover how 3D printing technologies make it possible to cost-effectively produce concrete wall panels with greater randomness and more varied shape to enhance contemporary aesthetics and design.
  • Understand the positive impact that innovative 3D-mold printing is having on architectural precast wall panel production and installation.
  • Find out more about the various performance and environmental benefits of replacing conventional molding techniques with 3D-mold printing.
  • Learn how the precast concrete industry partnered with the project architect to incorporate 993 precast window panels to realize the "sugar cube" design aesthetic of the Domino Sugar renovation project.
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  • Adkins Headshot

    Arno E. A. Adkins


    Senior Associate | COOKFOX Architects, DPC

    Arno joined COOKFOX Architects in 2010. His early projects include the renovation of a historical...
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    Steve Brock

    Senior Vice President of Engineering | Gate Precast Company

    Steve Brock is Senior Vice President of Engineering for Gate Precast Company, coordinating the...