Achieving Resilience & Sustainability in Global Mega-Projects

Explore international supertall buildings and mega project and how they exemplify the positive impact of American architects around the world.


In this session, a world-renowned architect known for his long career with international supertall buildings and mega projects will discuss the challenges of working internationally, and illustrate the positive impact American architects can have through their work around the world. 

You’ll get an inside look at specific designs, including in Chechnya and Saudi Arabia, and how they exemplify resilience and sustainability specific to the regions in which they were constructed. 

Learning objectives

  • Discover how resiliency against outside threats informs supertall design in parts of the world facing adversity.
  • Learn the positive impacts of international projects built over the decades and why they were both forward-looking and appropriate for their context.
  • Be inspired to consider how mega projects and supertalls of the future can have a positive impact on the places where they're built.
  • Investigate research into how urban density plays a part in a sustainable future, the positive and negative impacts of urban density, and how urban density intersects with the goals of resilient, sustainable urban development.
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  • Sara Beardsley

    Sr. Architect | AS+GC

    Sara Beardsley has been a Sr. Architect with AS+GG for the past 10 years and was formerly an...
  • Adrian Smith

    Adrian Smith


    Partner | Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

    Adrian Smith, FAIA, is an Architect of international renown, having designed many landmark...