Acoustics and LEED 4.0- Moving Past the Minimum

Do the LEED v4.0 for Schools acoustic performance requirements for core learning spaces create the best environments for teaching and learning?


As this course will show, the broad-stroke approach of the requirements falls short of what architects can truly accomplish. Join us to go beyond the standards to explore how you can bring superior acoustic clarity to the classroom.

You'll learn to meet requirements but surpass expectations—and possibly earn extra credit from your clients.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the origins and evolution of the acoustic requirements in LEED v4.0.
  • Hear how the minimum acoustic requirements in LEED v4.0 do not necessarily create the most effective spaces for teaching and learning.
  • Experience examples of acoustically-flawed education spaces that meet LEED requirements, and see examples of better performing spaces that take a more nuanced approach.
  • Gain understanding of classroom acoustic strategies that better engage students and help them learn more effectively.
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  • Bradley W. Fritz

    Project Manager | Threshold Acoustics

    Bradley is an architect and acoustic consultant at Threshold Acoustics with a background in both...
  • Carl Giegold


    Partner | Threshold Acoustics

    Carl P. Giegold, FAIA, earned a Bachelor of Architecture with honors from Virginia Tech in 1982 and...