AIA 2030 Commitment’s By the Numbers Report RY21: A Look into Firms’ Progress Towards Net-Zero


What progress have more than 20,000 projects designed last year made towards net-zero carbon? Join us for a conversation on findings from signatories of the AIA 2030 Commitment in 2021, a key climate action program for reaching net zero emissions in the built environment. We’ll examine a variety of achievements, ranging from increases in gross square footage meeting the 80% reduction target to the big leaps in renewable energy reported, signaling positive trends for the industry in meeting net-zero carbon goals. Beyond high-level trends across all projects, we’ll also investigate the performance between different use types and various geographies, and where we can see just how important policy is in accelerating high performance.  

Learning objectives

  • Describe the trend in energy performance that projects reported to the 2030 Commitment have achieved over time. 
  • Discuss how the use of on-site renewable energy compares to off-site renewable energy among reported projects and its implications for net-zero buildings.
  • Identify how embodied carbon can be reported in the 2030 Commitment and the most frequent strategies used by firms. 
  • Give examples of how key local and state policy is catalyzing high-performance design in the US. 

This session was recorded on November 9, 2022.

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