AIA Foresight Report Panel Update

AIA Foresight Report Panel Update

Panel discussion of future results from trends highlighted in the AIA Foresight Report: The Changing Context, Business, and Practice of Architecture 2014.


Can we predict the future? Though change is happening all around and influencing the architectural field from many angles, you can increase your chances for success through adequate research and preparation. In this course, a diverse panel of esteemed AIA members discusses adaptive leadership techniques and future strategies resulting from the trends highlighted in the AIA Foresight Report: The Changing Context, Business, and Practice of Architecture 2104. Ranging from the flux and change of the operating environment to the increasing incorporation of technology in practice, the panel considers how the discussed topics have implications in their own firms today and down the road.

Learning objectives

  • Communicate best practices related to fostering firm innovation and leadership.
  • Identify and evaluate practice trends including creating new ways of finding opportunity and the incorporation of technology in practice.
  • Assess the flux and change in the operating environment and the potential implications on firms.
  • Access research tools for strategic planning.
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  • Dave Broz

    Dave Broz


    Principal, Gensler

    David Broz is a Principal and studio director in Gensler’s Chicago office. A fourteen year veteran...
  • Jim Cramer

    Jim Cramer

    Chairman/ CEO, Greenway Group

    Jim Cramer is the founder of Greenway Group, a leading strategy consulting and business networking...
  • Mark LePage

    Mark R. LePage


    Partner, Fivecat Studio

    Mark R. LePage is the Partner in Charge of Operations at Fivecat Studio Architecture, a leading...
  • Tania Salgado

    Tania Salgado


    Co-founder, Handprint Architecture

    Tania Salgado is an award-winning architect, one of the founding principals of Handprint...
  • James Zheng

    James Zheng


    President + Director of Asian Operations, Goettsch Partners 

    James Zheng is president of Goettsch Partners as well as the director of Asian operations. As such...

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Contents: Video, quiz, evaluation

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Duration: 1:00

Passing Score: 80% on quiz