AIA+2030 Online Series Course 4: Building Skin: The Importance of the Thermal Envelope

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This course is part of a series:

AIA+2030 Online Series

AIA+2030 Series

Explore design, material, and technological approaches to high performance building envelopes.


A building’s envelope is the critical interface between occupant comfort and outdoor climatic conditions. High performance buildings require high performance envelopes that respond to exterior environmental impacts throughout the day and year. This course will explore design, material, and technological approaches to wall and window assemblies, from straightforward low-cost methods to advanced double skin facade applications. 

The AIA+2030 Online Series is an AIA and Architecture 2030 co-production, sponsored by Autodesk and delivered through AIAU.

It's based on the highly successful AIA+2030 Professional Series, which was created by AIA Seattle and Architecture 2030, with support from the City of Seattle and Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

Learning objectives

  • Identify critical elements of the thermal envelope responsible for building energy consumption.
  • Specify strategies for minimizing thermal bridging.
  • Understand the architectural, material, and construction opportunities for designing a high performance thermal envelope.

Course details

Contents Video, quiz, evaluation

Expiration One year after purchase

Duration 1:00

Passing Score 80% on quiz