AIA+2030 Online Series Course 6: Daylighting and Integrated Lighting Design

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B Building Science


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AIA+2030 Online Series

AIA+2030 Series


Electric lighting accounts for a significant portion of a typical building’s energy load. Daylighting can be intergrated with efficient artificial lighting to provide occupant comfort and productivity in buildings of all types, while minimizing energy consumption. This course will identify strategies for maximizing natural light, while controlling for glare and unwanted heat gain.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the relationship between daylight, human health, and energy efficiency.
  • Identify and evaluate daylighting strategies to optimize enegry performance and occupant comfort.
  • Understand techniques for effectively managing glare and unwanted heat gain. 

Course details

Contents Video, quiz, evaluation

Expiration One year after purchase

Duration 1:00

Passing Score 80% on quiz