The AIA's New Program Management Contract Documents Family

Learn about the newest family of AIA's Contract Documents for a Program consisting of multiple projects needing a single coordinated and managed effort.


This course will explore the unique features of Program Management delivery including related AIA contract agreements used for the implementation of construction projects in a Program. You will examine the roles and responsibilities of the Program Manager, Design Manager and Architect(s) of Record on a construction project, learn about the contractual relationships and liabilities set forth in the AIA’s newly published documents, and review how these documents can be utilized for projects not in a Program. Speakers will provide real-world private and public-sector Program examples.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the Program Management delivery strategy and methodology including the logic for and benefits of management and implementation of a multi-project Program.
  • Define the roles of a Program Manager, Design Manager and Architect(s) of Record in management and implementation of a multi-project Program in order to develop a clear understanding of responsibilities of the parties.
  • Analyze the potential risks and liabilities associated with these roles and how they can impact successful completion of the project.
  • Identify and understand the key contractual provisions unique to those agreements in order to avoid misunderstandings, project delays, and mistakes and promote success of this delivery method.
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  • RIBA


  • Andrew Mendelson


    Director of Practice Management, Cannon Design

    Andrew Mendelson, FAIA serves as Director of Practice Management for Cannon Design. In his 36 year...
  • Arlen M. Solochek


    District Director of Facilities Planning and Development, Maricopa Community College District

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