Amplify Change: Designers as Sounding Boards


Design thinking can be applied to everyday activism. As creative problem solvers, we catalyze change by improving the environments where people live, work, and play. We can extend this momentum beyond billable work to volunteer activities that promote social justice.

This session will reveal how you can leverage resources and apply professional skills in the context of community engagement. Using Eastlake Studio's Sounding Boards as a case study, the discussion will explore how individual designers and firms can amplify change using the tools of our trade.

Learning objectives

  • Examine your internal assets and external network, merging resources into a valuable tool kit.
  • Delineate tasks based on expertise and skill sets, treating the community-based action as a design project with a clear process and objective.
  • Evaluate the process to pivot as needed, continuing to ask questions, evolve, improve, and iterate.
  • Recognize the broad benefits of the action: short term, long term, for the community, and for your firm.

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