Architecture and Social Infrastructure

Explore projects and concepts on how architecture can bring social structures together, be a long term fix against natural destruction, and address other issues for future living.


Join architect Kai-Uwe Bergmann as he speaks at AIA Colorado’s Practice-Design Conference on various projects and concepts of design and how architecture can bring social structures together, be a longterm fix against natural destruction, and address other resource and sustainability issues into the future. Hear how synergy can be achieved between new construction at the same time preserving the structure responsible for the industrial age, and how new urban design techniques can make us change, re-think, and re-purpose how we approach our modern lives and values.

This course is presented in collaboration with AIA Colorado, which produced the course and provided it for delivery on AIAU. 

Learning objectives

  • Describe how architecture can influence buildings themselves, the surrounding location, and eventually the social structures amongst the people inhabiting and interacting in the space.
  • Explain how design can be expertly used as a means for long-term resiliency against the perils of climate change
  • Identify how new paradigms of architectural design are changing the use of space and interaction in urban environments.
  • Highlight how architecture can change, re-think, and re-purpose materials and building functions.
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  • Kai-Uwe Bergmann

    Partner, Bjarke Ingels Group

    Kai-Uwe Bergmann is a Partner at Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) who brings his expertise to proposals...

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Passing Score: 80% on quiz