Architecture as an Art of Form in the Work of Julia Morgan

Engage with the career and understand the legacy of Julia Morgan through the lens of her artistic sensibility and how it informed her residential work.


Beautifully presented, this exploration of the education and career of Julia Morgan, through drawings, watercolors, and photographs, will first reveal her contributions and redefine her legacy more appropriately within the context of architectural and engineering history.  Then, we will look at five California residences in plan, elevation, detail, and photographs, including the design for William Randolph Hearst’s Sausalito residence.  Julia Morgan became a master builder and an exceptional architect, designing with dignity and style, and leaving a legacy to delight us all.

Presented as a part of the CRAN Symposium 2016.

Learning objectives

  • Review the expertise in the “Art of Form” that Julia Morgan developed though sketching and watercolors, which informed her understanding of light, form, space, and detail.
  • Understand how the structural innovations of Morgan, in reinforced concrete, redwood framing, and steel supports, helped to change the building codes and create a viable method of construction for seismic territory.
  • Analyze plans that demonstrate how Morgan created buildings of harmony, with indoor and outdoor experiences that contributed to healthful relationships.
  • Learn the principles of climactic design used by Morgan to create natural comfort in her buildings before the era of mechanical ventilation, and her strategies and techniques for building durable with locally available materials. 

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