Architecture that Regenerates: New Ideas in Bioclimatic Green Buildings

Learn how restorative techniques can actually reverse the damaging climate trends shaped by traditional approaches to building.


Did you know that restorative techniques can actually reverse the damaging climate trends shaped by traditional approaches to building?

New green building ideas point to evolution in bioclimatic and organic architecture, with integrated landscapes and buildings achieving net-zero energy use, waste conservation, and resource regeneration.

In this course, a campus architect will discuss merging these systems-level solutions into architectural form at a university research center—regenerating carbon, cleaning air, turning waste into water or food, and converting fugitive carbon (pollution) into nutrients. You'll hear how the latest advances are designed not only to mitigate damage, but also correct it.

Learning objectives

  • Describe specific sustainable design solutions using climate-responsive and regenerative technologies that give form buildings and transform them into sources of energy, water, carbon and other nutrients.
  • Explain how these techniques can be used to create bioclimatic campus buildings that mitigate environmental impact by means of triple-net-zero performance and improve institutional sustainability and resiliency to severe weather.
  • Discuss strategic design and construction approaches for green building including carbon-absorbing materials, soil enrichment, energy-recovery ventilators, water treatment, solar energy capture, and biomes for purifying waste air.
  • List findings of the case study that can be applied to varied project types, using the research materials and data supplied for the analysis of the subject site and building.
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