Augmented intelligence: Empowering the Architect in Design and Construction

Date Thursday, February 25, 12pm ET

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Since 2019, Randy Deutsch, FAIA, has written three books: “Superusers”; “Think like an Architect”; and “Adapt as an Architect.” In this fast-paced thought-provoking and engaging presentation, Randy will present one big idea from each of the books impacting us today while asking and answering important questions: Who are the individuals that will carry our teams, firms, profession and industry into the future with confidence and aplomb? And, with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, what qualities will assure the architect remains relevant throughout their career? Architect, author, educator, speaker and AI researcher Randy Deutsch will illuminate and demonstrate how AI helps to improve the making of buildings by leveraging emerging technologies and explore the role AI will play in contributing to more productive and successful businesses and careers. The presentation will conclude with the announcement of the first-ever grant-funded AI Institute for Design and Construction.

This presentation is part of the TAP Building Connections Congress 2021: Machine Learning’s Impact on Architecture and Design.

Learning objectives

  • Explain how Artificial Intelligence is impacting architecture and construction via the role of smart assistants. 
  • Explore and demonstrate how Artificial Intelligence helps with risk management and mitigating threats by prioritizing risks. 
  • Learn how Artificial Intelligence can help in preventing budget and schedule overruns. 
  • Discuss how architects, engineers and contractors can adapt to the rise of Artificial Intelligence. 
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  • Randy Deutsch, FAIA, LEED AP

    Randy Deutsch



    Randy Deutsch FAIA, LEED AP, is an educator, author, international keynote speaker, AI researcher...