Becoming the Business You Want to Be: Tips for Building an Exceptional Sustainable Practice


To cut carbon and stem climate change, architects need to move beyond "random acts of sustainability" and one-off, exceptional projects. High-performing firms across the country demonstrate how re-thinking organizational culture and systems within practice make widespread impact possible. In this presentation, firm leaders discuss how they've aligned their infrastructure, design process, and brand with ambitious sustainability goals. Along the way, they highlight some of the non-sustainability benefits that come with becoming an exceptional sustainable practice, including improved client relationships and employee recruitment.

Learning objectives

  • Demonstrate how achieving carbon reduction goals can differentiate your practice, boost staff recruitment, and deliver more value to your clients.
  • Learn how different sustainability leadership models can drive firm-wide culture change to make energy efficiency and positive occupant health and productivity outcomes inherent across your design process.
  • Identify 2-3 specific strategies firms are using to move beyond "random acts of sustainability" and consistently drive performance in every project.
  • Understand and harness the power of organizational systems, from design processes to staff education, in transforming your firm into an exceptional sustainability practice.

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