Body Politics: Social Equity & Inclusive Public Spaces

Learn how a cross-disciplinary approach to environmental design can best address the accessibility needs of diverse end-users.


MIXdesign, an innovative consultancy recently profiled in The New York Times Magazine, is an offshoot of New York–based JSA, the office of architect Joel Sanders. The initiative brings research rigor and design innovation to questions about health and justice for people of all races, genders, and abilities. MIXdesign brings together cross-disciplinary teams of staff, a board of advisors, and a network of consultants, with expertise in architecture, interiors, graphics, and landscape; gender, race, disability; and policy, law, and building codes.

Learning objectives

  • Describe the spatial implications of COVID-19 in relation to the accessibility needs of diverse end-users, across a broad spectrum of age, gender, racial/cultural identity, religion, and ability.
  • Discuss how a cross-disciplinary approach to environmental design that learns from experts in public health, can inform architectural design strategies that contribute to increased mental and physical health.
  • Identify overlapping and conflicting needs between vulnerable user-groups, in relation to post-pandemic public health guidelines mandating social distance and minimization of physical contact between people and surfaces.
  • Illustrate specific examples of design features, including materials, fixtures, and furniture, that pose design challenges and solutions to equitable post-pandemic spaces.
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  • Seb Choe Headshot

    Seb Choe

    Associate Director | MIXdesign

    Seb Choe is Associate Director of MIXdesign, an inclusive design think tank and consultancy. Seb...
  • Joel Sanders Headshot

    Joel Sanders


    Principal | JSA/MIXdesign

    Professor | Yale School of Architecture

    Joel Sanders, FAIA is the founder of MIXdesign, an inclusive design think tank and consultancy that...