Brass tacks: Planning a successful IP workshop

Learn how to plan for and facilitate the integrative process through workshops when designing for health.


The integrative process relies on the series workshops that keep the project on track and the expanded team on the same page. But given all the considerations, planning a series of successful workshops can be a challenge, especially when integrating health.

With the help of two case studies, this course will walk you through key considerations and goals for workshops in each phase of the design process. You will get an overview of how to keep your stakeholders engaged, the kinds of information you would present at each phase, and various facilitation techniques to ensure success even after the workshop is complete.

Learning objectives

  • Review the role of workshops in an integrative process and understand how to intentionally focus on health and wellbeing.
  • Know how to effectively engage stakeholders in a design process which may be unfamiliar.
  • Identify resources on health impacts related to the project and determine who should and how to best present it as a context for workshops.
  • Design agendas and facilitate processes that contribute to reaching health goals for a project.

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