Build America Summit: Jonathan Rose Keynote, The Well Tempered Community

Explore the opportunity that exists for architects to lead and collaborate in strategic holistic design and planning for a rapidly urbanizing country and world.


“… it’s a time of enormous uncertainty, and in uncertainty we find both fear and opportunity … our goal is to focus on the opportunity side.” – Jonathan Rose, The Well Tempered Community AIA Build America Summit 2016


By the end of the 21st century, metropolitan areas will hold 80 percent of the world’s population and be severely impacted by global megatrends. In his Build America Summit keynote, Jonathan Rose, identifies the opportunity that exists for architects to help meet the needs of a rapidly urbanizing country and world. Meeting this need means designing communities that foster opportunity for all. Architects must be leaders and key collaborators in identifying the underlying causes of unequal and diminishing opportunity and developing a holistic strategy that, at each step of development, understands the importance of and strives for well-tempered – balanced and harmonious – cities.

Learning objectives

  • Review the roots and evolution of civilization, how factors such as the interaction sphere and the desire for harmony between humans and nature supported the development of cities, and why this matters in the context of equalizing the opportunity landscape.
  • Demonstrate the role of dynamic systems planning to overall sustainability and the maintenance of US cities as bastions of opportunity for those who live here and those who come here.
  • Explain the purpose and value of developing communities of opportunities with projects that focus on social-cultural infrastructure.
  • Discuss how the practice and business of architecture is enhanced by seeking opportunities and advocating for systems integration.
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