Building Team Cohesion: Positioning Architects as Leaders in Project Collaboration

Create a new level of productive collaboration through a shared common purpose.


Today’s building projects bring together increasingly diverse, fragmented parties who are expected to succeed in balancing cost, schedule and risk. Collaboration is becoming widely recognized as an essential ingredient to achieving these outcomes, yet it doesn’t happen naturally; it must be carefully developed. Architects have the unique opportunity to create and sustain high-performance team cultures, and this course teaches valuable methodologies for structuring truly integrated, cohesive project teams. It provides the tools for creating a commitment-based culture, from boardroom to job site. Learn methods to build team cohesion through a shared common purpose and motivated with clear performance measures.

Learning objectives

  • Formulate strategies positioning the architect to lead the creation of a commitment-based project culture to improve outcomes for your client, and provide safer, more satisfying environments for the public.           
  • Identify specific project success factors essential to creating a meaningful and compelling project mission statement, fostering team cohesion from concept to ribbon-cutting.
  • Develop balanced, objective and detailed performance measures appropriate to each phase of design and construction, and use them to drive motivate team members toward superior results.         
  • Manage project risks by identifying the strengths of every team member and aligning them with the broader purpose and mission of the project.                                
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