Can Big Data & Smart City Strategies Meaningfully Serve Communities?


How intelligent are "smart cities," anyway? How do we put a human face on big, aggregated figures? How do we define leadership at the urban scale?

This session is about demystifying the power of big data in everyday ways for communities and creating pathways for advancement in partnership with architects. Case studies include cities that have been transformed and cities that have grown.

At the center of it all is the fact that data isn't everything, but anything can produce useful data. The trick? It's all in interpretation.

Learning objectives

  • Hear from experts who routinely measure demographics, efficiencies, and economic conditions at the city scale to suggest improvements or changes.
  • Learn how architects can translate their design expertise to facilitate citywide initiatives with a regional benefit.
  • Consider lessons drawn from automation in the workplace and its impact on labor and jobs as a guide for redefining efficiencies at the urban scale.
  • Compare arguments in favor of and against the data collection promise of "smart cities," and how initiatives in several cities have brought together technology and policy to serve the public.

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