2020 AIA/ACSA Intersections Research Conference: CARBON


This course offers an overview of what embodied carbon is and how it affects the design profession. Kate Simonen from the University of Washington and Carbon Leadership Forum and Billie Faircloth, partner at KieranTimberlake, discuss the speed of change in relation to carbon accounting in architecture and the latest innovations and reveal questions being asked in the field. From their respective lenses, they address the challenges architects still need to tackle and where the research needs to go next in order to lower the carbon impact of our built environment.

Learning objectives

  • Understand what embodied carbon is and how it's affecting your architecture projects.
  • Learn how to quickly calculate embodied carbon in your building.
  • Discover how the latest technologies can assist you in making project decisions that will greatly lower your building's embodied carbon.
  • Gain knowledge of how to lower the carbon impact of our built environment.


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  • Billie Faircloth Headshot

    Billie Faircloth


    Partner | KieranTimberlake

    Billie Faircloth is a practicing architect, educator, and Partner at KieranTimberlake, where she...
  • Andrea Love Headshot

    Andrea Love


    Principal and Director of Building Science | Payette


    Andrea Love is a Principal and the Director of Building Science at Payette, the 2019 AIA Firm Award...
  • Kate Simonen Headshot

    Kate Simonen

    AIA, SE

    Executive Director | Carbon Leadership Forum

    Professor & Chair, Department of Architecture | University of Washington

    Kate Simonen, is the executive director of the Carbon Leadership Forum and Professor and Chair of...