Case Studies at the Intersection of Purpose, Profit, + Portfolio

Learn to be a firm leader who is responsive in the near-term, and proactive and future-facing in the pursuit of peak performance for your business.


What are the “profiles of success” for A+D business? How are purpose, profit and portfolio interconnected? Why is a good business strategy dependent on financial health? Business strategy consultant, architect and SO|arch founder Elisabeth Sporer, AIA, LEED AP, CIC shares best practices grounded in financial health. Drawing from her extensive experience helping clients successfully navigate the various phases of their business’s life cycles - from growth and expansion to restructuring, succession planning and ownership transition - Elisabeth will present hybrid case studies showing financial blueprints to address immediate needs, such as balancing a short-term impact plan with an annual strategic plan; creating leadership strategies to keep employees engaged while managing costs and cash flow, and navigating the long-haul through a 5 to 10-year business plan.

This presentation will better equip sole proprietors, boutique studio founders, and leaders and managers at mid-size and large firms alike to be responsive in the near-term, but also, proactive, and future-facing in their pursuit of peak performance for their businesses.

This session from SO|arch presents Inside the A+D Studio is provided in partnership with AIA San Francisco.

Learning objectives

  • Identify operational tactics for immediate implementation
  • Create or refine their own blueprint for success
  • Learn how to best measure financial results
  • Establish solid connections between purpose, profit, and portfolio
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    Elisabeth Sporer

    AIA, CIC

    Founder | SO|arch

    A+D Business Strategist

    Elisabeth Sporer, AIA, CIC works with CEOs, founders and leadership teams to build successful A+D...