Change Management: How a Company Transforms to Gain New Business

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  • Marilynn D. Mendell

Change management principles can help you develop new strategies and habits that drive new business and rejuvenate relationships.


It’s time to break up with habits that may be hindering your business. This course teaches you to identify some of the most difficult and important obstacles that hold individuals and companies back from acquiring new clients or retaining and rejuvenating relationships. You’ll learn how to build a business case for collaborative work places, integrated systems, and flat management as a means to utilize the talent of young professionals, showcase corporate transparency, and strengthen community bonds to improve a company’s image and bottom line. This course showcases proven case studies and easy-to-follow tasks to help you transform habits for good. 

Learning objectives

  • Gain habit-forming techniques to transform your corporate culture and to match goals, expectations, and brand image.
  • Become the liaison between diverse generations in order to utilize the wisdom of the past and the innovation of the future to remain a leader in the profession.
  • Change the style, change the appearance, and change the balance: Take away case studies to implement change in your business development strategy.
  • Understand how to embrace the community and why providing pro-bono expertise and help leads to new business.

Course details

Contents Video, quiz, evaluation

Expiration One year after purchase

Duration 1:00

Passing Score 80% on quiz