The Cleveland 2030 District

Learn what it takes to become a part of the Architecture 2030 Network of Districts following the 2030 Challenge.


How can we meet the goals of the 2030 Commitment, and how can you further the conversation of energy reduction in your downtown? During this course, you'll find answers to questions like these using an Architecture 2030 District as an example.

Topics covered include how private-public partnerships drive success, why doing something as a community may be easier than doing something alone, and how to get property owners and tenants onboard with projects instead of just talking about them.

Learning objectives

  • Understand that private sector leadership is key in order to effectively navigate property owner apathy, market realities, and solutions.
  • Appreciate the competitiveness, peer pressure, efficiencies of scale, and subsequent upgrading of a market that comes with aligning stakeholders under the 2030 Challenge for Planning.
  • Discover how to engage downtown property owners and their tenants in a conversation to implement energy-saving, water-saving, and CO2-reducing transportation into existing buildings.
  • Collect the initial resource information, perspective, and technical support necessary to create a 2030 District in your own city or region.
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