Climate Ready DC: The District’s Climate Adaptation & Preparedness Plan

Learn about DC's approach to climate adaptation & preparedness.


What are the unique challenges the District of Columbia faces as climate trends toward more extreme weather, and how can architects meet those challenges? During this presentation, the DC Department of Energy and Environment’s Chief of Green Building and Climate will outline strategies for resiliency, disaster mitigation, and recovery after extreme weather events

Learning objectives

  • Describe how to assess risks and vulnerabilities of the built environment due to climate change, with a focus on critical facilities and infrastructure
  • Describe how DOEE identified and prioritized adaptive solutions to extreme weather events
  • Describe how to sustainably meet energy demands for cooling despite the projected increase of “dangerously hot days” in DC
  • Describe how to design for increased public safety in DC’s most underserved neighborhoods
  • Describe how to design buildings that mitigate social, biological or economic factors that make individuals more sensitive to climate impacts
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  • Kate Johnson headshot

    Kate Johnson

    Chief, Green Building and Climate Branch, Urban Sustainability Administration | District of Columbia Department of Energy & Environment

    Kate Johnson is the Chief of the Green Building and Climate Branch in the Urban Sustainability...