Community Engagement & Intentional Living Communities


Fulfilling, joyful, connected, sustainable, and affordable: These are the terms often used to describe life in a co-housing community, where individuals and families are united by values and outlooks.

This session focuses on the philosophy and tactics of designing for intentional communities and co-housing, two growing areas within the residential, multifamily, and senior housing spheres. Attendees will understand why, in co-housing, "the buildings are just the frame, and the people are the picture," and how the design process can be enriched by consensus-driven discussion.

Learning objectives

  • Learn about nonviolent communication strategies, consensus-driven decision making, and working with client groups on designing their values-based residential community.
  • Understand what it means to take on a co-housing client group, financing options available to them to design and develop their community, and what the project lifecycle looks like from a business and creative perspective.
  • Observe case studies centered on its community's values such as safe and affordable third-age/senior amenities, sustainability, and kicking carbon through pedestrian-only neighborhood design.
  • Hear from Charles Durrett, AIA, a pioneer in co-housing, who has designed more than 50 cohousing communities in the United States and around the world; hear from Patrick Devlin, an award-winning architect and expert in consensus-driven design processes.

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