Compelling Storytelling: Successfully Presenting Small Firm Projects to the Public

Learn to tell compelling stories when presenting design proposals.


Increasingly, small-firm architects are taking on an expanding leadership role in presenting design proposals to the public. Architects must compellingly communicate ideas to neighborhood groups, community stakeholders, and governmental decision makers. The trick to doing this? Storytelling.

Effective project storytelling clearly illustrates the architect's responsibility to protect the public and provide stewardship for the built environment. In this session, you'll gain essential tools and techniques to lead a design conversation and successfully present your projects.

You'll uncover the ways social media can derail projects overnight because neighborhood and community groups are organized and prepared to challenge proposals. But by properly preparing presentation materials, controlling your narrative, and navigating the demands of all stakeholders, you'll master the art of storytelling—and win over audiences.

Learning objectives

  • Learn strategies and tips for leading a conversation about architectural design before the public.
  • Grasp the relationship between good exhibits and effective communication skills.
  • Understand techniques for addressing difficult and challenging audience members in public presentations.
  • Develop compelling stories for diverse audiences, including decision makers and governmental regulators.

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