Construction Labor & the Immigrant Community


Construction work has long played a critical role for the immigrant community as a fundamental employer, a skill-building opportunity, and a source of entrepreneurialism. Over 15% of immigrant men work in construction, making it the sector with highest employment of that population.

This session explores how these workers' roles have evolved and how they have also remained the same. The conversation will reflect on construction work as a launching pad for immigrant communities going back to the 19th century—even though the political and economic contexts and immigrants' national origins today differ from those a century or more ago.

As immigrant workers remain essential, it has never been more important to consider their contributions to reducing the costs of building and maintaining our country's primary capital assets.

Learning objectives

  • Explore the material relationship between the building industry and labor.
  • Learn about the role that immigrants play in the construction labor market.
  • Understand the history of immigrants in construction labor, dating back to the 19th century.
  • Learn about the changing demographics and national origins of construction labor in the United States.

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