CRAN Symposium 2015: Client Attraction

Discover how disruptive innovations assist architects in attracting high value clients.


Success in architecture tends to be a long term, step by step process with the hope that quality work over time will raise a firm’s profile and an increase in business will follow. But is there a way to purposefully take a short cut and attract clients quicker without compromising on quality?

In this course, Enoch Sears discusses how to harness “disruptive innovations” in internet tools in order to level the marketing playing field for small architecture firms. He shows how to participate in the “collaborative economy” and deliver more targeted messages to high value clients in a way that enriches instead of oversells.

Learning objectives

  • Learn what makes a “high value client”.
  • Review new and established methods of digital marketing to unlock potential possibilities for getting your message out.
  • Evaluate how to invest in systems to empower your business and analyze which ones may best suit your firm’s needs for long and short term client attraction. 
  • Synthesize methods of lead generation within the “collaborative economy”.

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  • Enoch B. Sears


    Founder and Publisher, Business of Architecture

    Enoch Sears AIA, ArCH, LEED AP is the world's leading authority on digital marketing for architects...

Course details

Contents: Video, quiz, evaluation

Expiration: One year after purchase

Duration: 1:30

Passing Score: 80% on quiz