Profit…then Art: 12 Steps to Building a Successful Small Firm

Learn the necessary steps essential for an architect to be a successful business owner, create profit and allow for more artistry.


How many architects have you met who said that they got into architecture for money? More often than not, the element of creativity and design was the #1 motivating aspect for someone in the profession. But should it be? After viewing this course, you may become an architect who sees the word “profit” in a different way. Taking the steps and setting the foundation for a strong, healthy, profitable business can lead to an architect having the freedom to create art and more of it. This course presents the basic 12 fundamentals essential to a successful business in architecture, describing how they work and how to apply them in a small firm environment

Learning objectives

  • Examine the 12 steps that are the fundamentals to a successful business in architecture.
  • Contrast the difference between Sales and Marketing as it applies to an architecture business.
  • Learn which aspects of your business to prioritize for effective productivity.
  • Identify unique considerations for structuring a business in the small firm environment.

This session was recorded live at the 2015 CRAN Symposium. 

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