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Creating Sustainable and Climate Resilient Communities – Supporting Our Nation


The United States Army is one of the largest landowners in the United States, encompassing 79 installations that cover over 5 million acres. The Biden Administration and the Secretary of Defense recognize climate change as the most serious threat to both military readiness as well as being a good steward of the lands under their care. The goal is to create a digital platform for military installations that integrates and displays site, facility, and utility data from numerous disparate sources. The result is to facilitate climate resilience planning, siting of facilities and infrastructure, and decrease energy and water use to meet new federal climate change mandates and improve the quality of life for military personnel, their families, and civilian employees. 

The Army Corps of Engineers is creating a digital planning platform (PLANNER) to facilitate siting of buildings and other facilities to be more sustainable, improve climate resilience, and integrate smart technologies to make Army installations "smart cities", as well as encompassing the surrounding communities. Our desire is to gain additional input and ideas from attendees to make PLANNER a more robust tool to improve the climate resilience of military bases, families, and communities. 

Learning objectives

  • Discover the Army's current state of development of digital planning tools and processes that can be applicable to present and future urban planning initiatives, regardless of scale. 
  • Identify the specific capabilities of PLANNER that can analyze large disparate data sources, and produce courses of action for senior officials to make data-driven decisions that will raise the level of climate resilience within their communities.
  • Observe the actual demonstration of the capabilities of PLANNER to integrate multiple facility and installation data sources to create data-driven courses of action for senior leaders to make more informed decisions on resilience and sustainability at their installations. 
  • Understand the Department of the Army's research and development of digital tools to create real-world solutions for more resilient communities, both inside and outside military installations. 

This session was recorded live on March 9, 2023.

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  • Randy Covington

    Master Planner | HQ US Army Corps of Engineers

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  • Edmond G. Gauvreau headshot

    Edmond G. Gauvreau


    Chief, Planning Branch, Installation Readiness Division | HQ US Army Corps of Engineers

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    Grace C. Lin


    Senior Project Manager | CBRE

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  • Allison Long

    Program Manager, Community Planner | US Army Corp of Engineers - ERDC

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  • Susan Wolters

    Research Landscape Architect | US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center – Environmental Laboratory

    Ms. Wolters is a Research Landscape Architect with the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development...