Creativity and Leadership: Unlocking the Power of Small Firms, Part 1

This workshop is an engaging opportunity for small firm practitioners to examine new ways to think about the art and science of running a practice in three segments—creativity, innovation, and leadership.


Architects are recognized for their creativity and leadership, but how many limit this talent to just the design process? Industry changes require architects to evolve and become resilient to stay in business and better provide services protecting our communities. Architects must adapt and employ ever-evolving best practices in every aspect of management, leadership, and service delivery. This lively workshop examines new ways to think about the art and science of running a practice. Part 1 focuses on creativity and how to use your creative faculties in every aspect of the business of running a firm.


Learning objectives

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Apply creative principles in organizing firms to adapt new opportunities to protect the public’s health, safety and welfare.
  • Develop firm and public leaders to promote sustainable practices in communities.
  • Apply simple principles that adapt older building designs and city making concepts into a more generative design approach.
  • Understand adaptive transformations that address economic processes and exploit agile, responsive design options.
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  • Abramson, Ric

    Ric Abramson


    Founding Principal, Workplays studio*architecture

    Ric Abramson AIA established his firm Workplays studio*architecture in 2003. His firms projects...
  • Brian J. Frickie

    Brian J. Frickie


    President, Kerns Group Architects

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  • Kelly O'Keefe

    Kelly O'Keefe

    Professor, VCU Brandcenter

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