The Culture of Architecture - A Multicultural Perspective on Design Through the Lens of Diverse Storytelling


What values manifest in the built environment and what design principles can we apply to our projects to assure that our physical environments embody the diverse cultures of their inhabitants? Today, the architecture profession recognizes that diverse teams are more successful, particularly when it comes to analysis, creativity, and innovation, all of which are the cornerstones of architecture firms. Intersectionality in architecture is not just about the politics of recognizing individuals and their multiple and intersecting identities but extends to a framework of collective responsibility and action toward practices that are inclusive, diverse, and socially just.

In this session, attendees will hear from a diverse group of architects, designers, and artists who will share their cultures, visions, project samples, and insights in why the intersection of architecture and culture is imperative for the built environment and their communities they serve. The panelists will expand on how thoughtful planning and design can contribute to a more welcoming, and diverse place for occupants to live and thrive, and why architects should incorporate different communities' experiences with culture, policies and design, to create both beautiful and more diverse environments. This session will have ample Q&A time, allowing for attendees to engage with the panelists.

Learning objectives

  • Learn ways in which the built environment plays a role in perpetuating cultural inequity and harming the health, safety, and welfare of minority populations.
  • Learn about the diverse needs, values, behavioral norms, and social and spatial patterns that characterize some different cultures and individuals and find the importance to have an awareness of the need to respect diversity and to explore global connections.
  • Investigate the intersection of multiple cultural identities: understanding how issues of cultural history intersect with health, safety, wellbeing, accessibility, social justice, and equity in public space and beyond.
  • Be inspired to take action and promote inclusive and diverse cultural designs and advocate to ensure cultural equity of access to sites, buildings, and structures.

This session was recorded live on May 23, 2023.

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