Decarbonization for Cities


In recent years, the climate crisis has placed decarbonization at the top of the urban agenda. While cities across the world have created climate action plans and pledged ambitious emission reductions, recent research has revealed that many jurisdictions are struggling to develop implementation strategies to meet those targets. This session will identify some of the common gaps in current city approaches and highlight innovative work happening at the local level that may provide broader guidance to community decarbonization strategies across the country. Participants will gain an understanding of the current context for this work and promising practices that may inform they own work. Hosted by Communities by Design (CxD).

Learning objectives

  • Describe the economic, environmental, and equity benefits to decarbonizing cities. 
  • Identify how strategies can be adapted to different cities, especially accounting for different climate zones and political environments.  
  • Understand current gaps in climate planning and decarbonization strategies and key barriers that cities must overcome 
  • Gain insight into promising policies and practices that they might leverage as models for their own community work.

This session was recorded live on February 22, 2023. 

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