Deconstructivist Zoning: The Sixth Generation of Zoning in America

Concerned about the sustainability of the built environment? Deconstruct the zoning laws.


A century of constructing zoning laws in America has resulted in illogical, disconnected, and homogenous built environments that are not environmentally or economically sustainable. Yet we keep hoping that doing much of the same will yield different results. This course examines how deconstructing zoning leads to more economically sustainable development outcomes.

In partnership with AIA|DC

Learning objectives

  • Explore ways to deconstruct existing zoning to break down its assumptions
  • Describe how to reconstruct zoning to create new assumptions focused on development patterns and design
  • Explore opportunities to generate demand by reducing the regulatory risks of ineffective and outdated zoning 
  • Explain how to think critically about zoning norms
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  • Suder Headshot

    Sean S Suder

    Esq., LEED AP

    Founder & Lead Principal | Calfee Zoning 

    As founder and leader of Calfee Zoning, Sean works with communities to craft clear, consistent,...