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Defining an Agenda for Resilient Design

Cutting-edge content on how resilient design can improve how structures respond to impacts, from major disturbances like hurricanes to more subtle, gradual influences.


Can your buildings stand up to floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters? Will they withstand climate changes and wear-and-tear over the years? Resilient design is about improving how structures respond to outside impacts, from major disturbances like Hurricane Sandy to more subtle, gradual influences.

In this cutting-edge course, you'll:

• Hear a perspectives from expert panelists.

• Review real-world case studies.

• Craft a comprehensive agenda centered on resilient design.

This course will help you understand the complexities of resilient design so you can clearly communicate them to your clients, and gain the tools and knowledge you need to build structures that stand the test of time.

Learning objectives

  • Understand and be able to communicate to project teams, clients, and communities the diverse drivers for resilient design today.
  • Be aware of quality resources currently available and under development on regional and national resilient design strategies, drivers, and case studies. Know who the leading authorities are in the different aspects of resilient design.
  • Provide a process for design professionals to understand and address the multiple aspects of resilience in their work. Promote resilient design to become an area of distinction for architects in their work.
  • Provide a framework for design professionals to prioritize their own measures related to resilience based on their region, client types, community and personal interests.
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  • Mary Ann Lazarus

    Mary Ann Lazarus


    Principal, MALeco

    Mary Ann Lazarus served as Firmwide Director of Sustainable Design at HOK for over a decade where...
  • Z Smith

    Z Smith


    Principal, Director of Sustainability and Building Performance | Eskew+Dumez+Ripple

    Z Smith is Principal and Director of Sustainability and Building Performance at Eskew+Dumez+Ripple ...
  • Alex Wilson

    Alex Wilson

    President, Resilient Design Institute

    Alex Wilson is president of the Resilient Design Institute, a nonprofit organization that advances...