Desert Architecture and Inspiration: The Tectonics of Water Consciousness

This course focuses on three projects that harvested and utilized rainwater to achieve net-zero potable water use.


Water is precious in the Southwest. Throughout the region, past civilizations manipulated water sources to sustain life. Building for desert-based clients, we have repeatedly found inspiration and tectonic guidance in the celebration of water.

In this course, we’ll share a history of water consciousness in the architecture of Jones Studio. We’ll then focus on three projects that utilized rainwater to achieve net-zero potable water use.


Learning objectives

The learner will be able to:

  • Understand that water harvesting can be integrated seamlessly into architecture.
  • Describe the different water harvesting technologies available.
  • Perform the basic calculations required to properly size a rainwater harvesting tank to offset potable water use in a desert landscape.
  • Communicate to a client the importance and benefits of investing and installing water harvesting systems.
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  • Brian Farling

    Brian C. Farling


    Principal, Lead Designer, Jones Studio Architects

    Brian C. Farling, RA, Lead Designer, Jones Studio Inc. is originally from Harrisburg Pennsylvania...
  • Edward Jones

    Edward M. Jones


    Principal in Charge of Design, Jones Studio Architects

    Edward (Eddie) Jones, AIA, Principal, Jones Studio Inc. with his business partner and brother Neal...