Dillwynia Correctional Centre Expansion


The Dillwynia Correctional Centre Expansion offers a design solution considerate of recognizing trauma via an approach to rehabilitative design. This session will present the methods and challenges encountered when designing for a Women’s Prison, and some of the successes of implemented design initiatives. In essence, the new facility combines materiality, with a masterplan designed to promote familiarity and self-agency which aim to provide an environment whereby new activities and learning pathways can be conducted in a safe and supportive environment.   

Interactions within the prison environment is becoming increasingly identified as a keystone to any prisoner’s rehabilitation and support process. Relationships between prisoners, staff and visitors all contribute to the shaping of the experience and outcomes of the prison term. Spaces that provide for families, children and friends should allow for a semblance of normality and respect to all involved in the visitation process. At Dillwynia the Visitor Centre has been designed with materials not becoming of a prison environment, exhibiting color, natural materials and light to allow the interactions to occur unencumbered of the sense of authority and typically harsh ambience found in older prison environments.  

Learning objectives

  • Understand the site challenges and how they became drivers for the approach to design 
  • Learn about how the use of materiality, form and amenity can positively contribute to design elements for rehabilitation  
  • Learn about the design principles and tactics to contribute to creating normal environments with opportunities for self-advocacy  
  • Acknowledge the importance of Education and Purposeful Activity on the individual’s path towards rehabilitation, successful post release and recidivism

This session was recorded live on November 10, 2022.

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