Disaster Recovery: Reflections on Neighborhood Resilience


In 2020, the cumulative costs of disaster events in the US reached $95 billion - more than double the previous year. In 2021, the costs from disasters reached $145 billion. In fact, between 2012-2021 it was estimated that 142 separate billion-dollar disaster events had cost the nation over $1 trillion. This National Preparedness Month, join in conversation with two communities who have experienced major tornado disasters and are now over a decade past the events, allowing for a long-term perspective on how we think about disaster recovery, resilience and the future of our communities in an era of climate change vulnerability.

Hosted by AIA Center for Communities by Design.

Learning objectives

  • Explore common challenges that are unique to post-disaster design contexts and their key constraints and pressures
  • Explain key community engagement principles to disaster recovery mobilization efforts to build momentum
  • Apply lessons learned from long-term perspectives on disaster recovery and their potential application to future disaster events and recovery scenarios
  • Identify tools and strategies for centering equity in community preparedness and disaster recovery

To learn more about the communities in this session, visit the Communities By Design YouTube channel:

This session was recorded live on September 13, 2022.

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