Drawn To Classicism

Explore how landscape painting and hand-drawing can inform and elevate your work.


In this session, Michael Imber explores the importance of drawing as an empirical tool in understanding architecture as a response to culture and environment, and as a way to derive deeper meaning in buildings and their place in the landscape and in our communities, as well as in the context of history. He explores how landscape painting can inform design and how hand-drawings can inform a building’s materiality, craft and character as a response to place. 

Presented as a part of the CRAN Symposium 2018.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the correlation between buildings and their cultural and environmental context.
  • Understanding context through empirical methodologies.
  • Analyzing site conditions through observation and drawing.
  • Understanding how traditional methods of construction using local resources can facilitate sustainable building.
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  • Michael Imber

    Michael G. Imber


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