The Economic Exclusion of Black America

Learn how architects can mitigate detrimental real estate practices and advocate for change.


Redlining and other practices have deliberately devalued African Americans and their communities, thus depriving them of access to the U.S. economy’s single greatest wealth generator: homeownership. Meanwhile, there is not one county, metro area, or state in the country where a worker earning minimum wage for 40 hours per week can afford a two-bedroom apartment. The architecture profession in its duty to serve the public health, safety, and welfare must address the injustices built into the real estate economy. Hear from an expert on housing accessibility and learn how you can leverage your influence to mitigate detrimental practices and advocate for change.

Learning objectives

  • Learn how the mechanics of redlining and other racist policies and practices negatively affected the health, welfare, and prosperity of Black communities in the United States.
  • Learn how contemporary zoning and other policies and practices continue to negatively affect the health and prosperity of Black communities. Architects will review examples and case studies that demonstrate the direct impact of these policies on the well-being and safety of these communities.
  • Understand how past and present devaluation of Black-owned and -occupied property undermines the educational attainment, health outcomes, financial security, job opportunities, and personal safety in Black communities.
  • Learn how architects can work with civic and community leaders to combat discriminatory zoning laws and other policies and practices, and advocate for the health, and safety of people in these marginalized communities.
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