Embodied Carbon 101: Envelope

Design your next façade system using embodied carbon strategies.


Envelopes are among the systems that have the largest embodied carbon impact on a building. Traditionally envelope systems and materials are chosen for aesthetics, cost, and operational energy, but embodied carbon is equally important. Learn how to apply embodied carbon strategies when designing your next façade system, including strategies for renovating existing buildings, insulation, and selecting cladding materials.

Learning objectives

  • Identify appropriate approaches to improving thermal performance of existing envelopes and approaches that have historically created new problems.
  • Design and specify enclosure systems that utilize low embodied carbon materials for structure, insulation and finishes strategically to improve building performance.
  • Weigh the embodied carbon impacts of maintaining and repairing an existing building enclosure versus rebuilding an enclosure.
  • Assess traditional and alternative façade and building envelope materials for their embodied carbon impact.

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