Embodied Carbon 101: Interiors

Learn about the embodied carbon impact of interior products.


This course focuses on the impact of interior product selection on embodied carbon work with an overview of some specific product types that are typical to the interior scope. It includes an introduction to resources for interior product information—including embodied carbon impacts as well as materials health. The course also looks at strategies for lower-carbon interiors, including salvage and reuse, research, and goal-setting.

Learning objectives

  • Explain how interior materials selections impact a project’s embodied carbon in addition to occupant health.
  • Employ essential tools for assessing embodied carbon and other important factors such as material health when selecting materials.
  • Summarize the relationship between the complementary goals of reducing embodied carbon and diverting construction and demolition (C&D) waste through material reuse. 
  • Implement strategies to catalyze change through design and material selection, including goal-setting by project and within firms, and advocating to manufacturers for low-carbon or zero-carbon materials.

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