Embodied Carbon 101: Process + firm culture

Learn how to integrate sustainability work into your firm’s standard practices and procedures.


In order to make true progress toward carbon reduction, carbon-thoughtful design must be part of the AEC industry’s standards and culture, instead of approached on a project-by-project basis. Hear from sustainability leaders representing a range of practices, including architecture, engineering and consulting, construction, and design/build firms who share the vision and infrastructure of their own firms’ sustainability and embodied carbon practice, and elaborate on how they arrived at a place where sustainable design and construction is built into their firms’ cultures. These leaders identify barriers to adopting carbon-thoughtful design and strategies for breaking down those barriers, including leveraging existing cultural and industry structures (for example: the AIA 2030 Commitment) and strengthening the connections between the existing values of firm leadership (for example: operational energy reduction; for example: materials and occupant health) and carbon reduction.

Learning objectives

  • Identify existing firm structures or commitments that can serve as a model for integrating embodied carbon reduction into a firm’s work as standard practice.
  • Design a plan for the integration of embodied carbon work into one’s firm’s standard procedures, based on existing firm leadership and infrastructure.
  • Demonstrate the value of embodied carbon reduction in relation to firm leadership’s and clients’ existing values.
  • Formulate a firm/practice feedback system to evaluate the integration of embodied carbon considerations into firm-wide practices and to evolve embodied carbon work to become a more streamlined and accessible part of every project.

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