Embodied Carbon 101: Procurement

Learn about the important role of procurement in facilitating your carbon reduction outcomes.


This course focuses on the role that contractors and builders can play in reducing the embodied carbon in their work. Speakers discuss opportunities for carbon reduction at multiple project stages, highlighting the importance of a collaborative design and project team (including client) for diverse construction practice types—including small design/build, mid-size local firm, and large international firm. They suggest strategies for incorporating embodied carbon reduction into everyday workflow—from the discrete (e.g. contracts) to the broad (workplace culture and commitments). Procurement is essential to the reduction of embodied carbon—ensuring what is specified for reduced carbon makes it into the project, among other things.

Learning objectives

  • Identify opportunities for integrating embodied carbon considerations into traditional procurement processes through specification, preconstruction communications, and contracts.
  • Implement strategies for reducing embodied carbon in less traditional processes, including integrated design process (IDP), through holistic building performance, life cycle assessment, and end-of-life impacts.
  • Explain the relationship between operational energy and embodied carbon, and the importance of designing and building for the reduction of both in sustainable projects.
  • Appraise available building materials for their embodied carbon impact.

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  • Lisa Carey-Moore Headshot

    Lisa Carey-Moore

    Senior Sustainability Analyst | Integrated Eco Strategy

    Lisa has extensive experience helping clients achieve healthier materials goals, primarily through...
  • Brian Hayes

    Brian Hayes

    Founder | Bellwether Craftsmen

    Brian a designer, builder, timber framer and woodworker with over 20 years’ experience in building...
  • Michael Orbank Headshot

    Michael Orbank

    Sustainability Lead and Assistant Project Manager | Commodore Builders

    Michael Orbank is a rising construction sustainability advocate currently working at Commodore...
  • Stacy Smedley Headshot

    Stacy Smedley

    Executive Director | Building Transparency / Director of Sustainability | SKANSKA USA

    Stacy has a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of Washington, and 15 years in the...