Emerge by AIAU: The Building is Never Done, Improving Your Practice Using Post Occupancy Evaluation

Learn from experts in the field about the value of conducting Post Occupancy Evaluations.


The Post Occupancy Evaluation is a tool gaining momentum in the design and construction industry. As architects, we’re responsible for ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of the general public through our interventions in the built environment. We spend so much time planning, detailing, and monitoring the execution of our projects, because we want to deliver the best possible product to our clients and the public. However, there is a lot we can learn about the life cycle of our projects through assessing how they perform once constructed, how they are used by the public, and how they impact the communities in which they were built. In this course, you will learn from experts in the field discussing the value of conducting Post Occupancy Evaluations and how the process has informed their practice.

Complete activities along the way and take a short quiz to receive credit for this course. 

Learning objectives

  • Learn the basics of evaluating a project for occupant comfort and building performance
  • Understand how to identify, measure, and execute steps to improve building performance, user comfort health, and occupant comfort
  • Assess the efficacy and life-cycle of the project through continued evaluation after substantial completion
  • Gain insight on and understand how to advocate for Post Occupancy Evaluation services within their firms and with their clients
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  • Janice Barnes


    Managing Partner | Climate Adaptation Partners

    Dr. Janice Barnes is the Managing Partner at Climate Adaptation Partners. She works with clients to...
  • Julie Hiromoto


    Vice President, New York Office Director, HKS

    Julie Hiromoto, Director of HKS New York, is an architect who does not shy away from a challenge....
  • Z Smith

    Z Smith


    Principal and Director of Sustainability and Building Performance / Eskew+Dumez+Ripple

    Z Smith is Principal and Director of Sustainability and Building Performance at Eskew+Dumez+Ripple...

Course details

Contents: Video, activities, quiz, evaluation

Expiration: One year after purchase

Duration: 2:00

Passing Score: 80% on quiz