Emerge by AIAU: Ethics in Architecture

The course covers best practices in ethical decision-making.


The Ethics in Architecture series presents key concepts in ethics philosophy and outlines the importance of ethical decision making in architectural practice. In the series, experts detail the differences between laws and ethical codes and discuss how personal and professional ethical codes are developed. The course covers ethical best practices for completing architectural projects and managing a firm.

Complete activities along the way and take a short quiz to receive credit for this course.

Learning objectives

  • Gain an understanding into the concepts of ethics and ethics in architecture, including why ethical decision making is important to professional practice and the protection of the public.
  • Learn why ethical decision-making is vital to maintaining safety and security for clients and building occupants including best practices for creating contracts, importance of following regulations related to construction documents, and safe construction practices.   
  • Analyze case studies and examples of ethical practices in project management areas, to ensure wellbeing of their clients and the public.
  • Understand legal and ethical guidelines for running and protecting a firm from risk through liability insurance. 

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  • Susan Schaefer Kliman

    Susan Schaefer Kliman

    PhD, AIA

    Associate Professor and Chair of Department of Architecture and Urban Sustainability, University of the District of Columbia

    Susan Schaefer Kliman, PhD, AIA is an associate professor and Chair of Department of Architecture...
  • Missy Rand

    Missy Rand


    Consultant, Trainer

    Missy comes to AIAU as an ethics subject matter expert from the mental health discipline.  As a...