Emerge by AIAU: Evaluating AIA Contract Documents

Learn the history and purpose of AIA Contract Documents and their importance to the architecture and construction industries.


Evaluating AIA Contract Documents reviews the importance of contract documents to the architecture and construction industries. This course explores the history of AIA Contract Documents, provides an overview of some of the most widely used documents in the industry, addresses risk management, and presents participants with real-world accounts of how AIA Contract Documents have streamlined the design and construction process. 

Complete brief exercises along the way and take a short quiz to receive credit for this course. 



Learning objectives

  • Examine the history and evolution of AIA Contract Documents, how these documents have helped manage risk within the project, and how they have become the standard and most widely used form of contract within the architecture and construction industry.
  • Evaluate the roles of document families to determine which best suits your project.
  • Learn how to determine the project’s feasibility by assessing the roles of the stakeholders and how this contract mitigates risk for each party. (A101, A201, & B101)
  • Understand how different series of AIA Contract Documents can be used to manage project expectations and document changes or issues during construction administration to help prevent injury or loss of life. (G700 series)

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