The Equitable City


In 2020, equitable communities rose to the top of the public agenda in communities across the nation. This session will highlight perspectives from the leaders of four major cities on their work to build a more equitable city and the role of community engagement in their strategies. Are we asking the right questions about our communities? Do we have the collective will to rethink fundamental concepts like scale? Beyond money, how can return-on-investment translate to participation and fairness?

Learning objectives

  • Understand what "repairative" practices mean in the context of community engagement and neighborhood prosperity.
  • Reconsider how equity contributes to the social contract's ideal and suggests new ways to consider the social contract's practice.
  • Learn how concepts like cost, speed, or efficiency define the equitable city for some, but not all, advocates.
  • Know why products and technology don't always translate to urban solutions for transparency and awareness.

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